17 weeks to Sulphur……25 to Death Race

30 01 2011


Right now im focused on my Sulphur Springs 100 mile attempt.  i say attempt because i have never run that distance ( 4 Marathons back to back to back to back) and because i am aiming for a time not just a finish, many things can happen.  You see i am reasonably certain i could do the 100 miles today.  it would take me 25 hours and id be dead for several days but i could do it.  BUT thats not what im trying to do……………………im trying to do it in 18 hours…..yes i know, ive been told thats unreasonable but i believe i can. 

 I actually have two goals.  Break 20 hours on my first 100 mile attempt and the secound goal is to break 18!!   Im training on the route a couple times a month now and will increase that to weekly and even a couple times a week as we get closer.   I have a few Marathons and halfs in between but im NOT ALLOWED to do those for time ( coach Stephens orders) so they wont be too exciting.

Today my legs are trashed!  Completely burnt up.  This is a good thing.  It means i trained hard this week.  This new schedule of only 4 days a week running has ensured that i am achieving the desired objective each and every run.  The mileage isnt too great yet but im feeling it.  this week was mainly hills which is why im so trashed.   

I have been fairly focused on my Nutrition as well and as a result have lost 2 kgs since Christmas.   3 more kgs before May will put me at the target wieght of below 85kgs.     this will continue until mid summer when i run Death Race at my target weight of only 82kgs!

ast year when i took up the Ultra Running i was a bit more enthusiastic and had perhaps 3-4 days which were a struggle to go out for a run………..this year my business schedule is far more intence and i am having a few inner struggles to put in all the workouts.  BUT i am getting them in, its just not always easy to do mentally. 

One thing i have learned is that i am never disappointed i did the workout but always disappointed if i skip one!

Today was day 1 of week 17 ( weeks count backwards until race week #1)    As i mentioned it was tough, due to the fact that we ran 25 yesterday with 21.2 being the Marquis Du Sade route and the finish being several hill repeats so a total of 18 hills and 2800 feet of elevation change.  Great training runs!

So the schedule this week for training on top of a busy work week is the following

Sunday ( today)               21km slow

monday                                off

tuesday                              11 hill repeats with 1.5 warmup and cooldown for a 14 km total, done at 90% of max HR

also tuesday i will add in about 45 minutes of core work at the gym

wed                                     20 km bike, 15 minutes x 15% on tredmill at maximum,  core, 1 km swim

thursday                          17 km Tempo done at 85% of max HR

friday                              OFF

Sat                                     27 km at a medium pace 65-75% of Max

81 km total running plus bike and swim should be a decent enough week.

Tuesday night my friend Patrick and i will do a lecture on carbohydrate loading to the local Running Room group so all in all a fun week.  

My work travel schedule will pick up now which is hard on the body for training but good for motivation as i get to run with new people in new places.

Train Hard and enjoy the results!




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