No Regrets

1 02 2011

As I constantly bring up, you are never disappointed when you go and train but for certain you will be if you skip a session.

Today my sister had already run, been to the gym and emailed me by the time i was stumbling toward the coffee machine for the first double espresso of the two i was planning on.

It was cold and grey outside.  Maybe minus 14 but with windchill at least minus 25C!    I don’t know why but today that was like minus 1,000,000……………… i thought id delay for the day to warm up.  I did some work until 1030 and saw the temperature had rocketed up to a balmy minus 9 with the windchill only minus 16C………..ahhhhhh that’s better


I just didn’t have the cahonas for it today…….there was a light skim of snow on the icy ground ( my excuse and im sticking to it) and i thought perhaps it’s not the best day for outside hill repeats…………………….i wasnt skipping a workout completely and don’t get me wrong i was looking forward to a punishing workout as i am off tomorrow ( off means 4-5 hours paper work)

I decided to go to the gym and see what i could accomplish.

So here’s what happened.

8 km bike ride to warmup at a moderate pace……………………..then Tredmill for the Vertical challenge of a 5 minute warmup at a moderate pace and then raise the incline to a maximum 15% and see how far I can get in 15 minutes with run jog hike crawl………….today i set a new PR with 1.22 miles.  Average Heart Rate of 162…….peaking here and there at 175…………………….scared the nice  lady who was half heartedly peddling the bike like she was crocheting a place mat………………

Ok that was hardcore but not enough to replace 11 hill repeats.  what to do.   I set the treadmill on Xtreme hill intervals ( never even knew it had this as im always on manual) and took off on a 35 minute run which was crazy hard and only managed to maintain a 6:30 per km pace……………average HR was 152.    After that i realized although it was a decent hill workout my mileage would be a bit low in the ol logbook!  Cant have that………..back on the treadmill on a flat elevation and hammered out a 6.1 km in 30 minutes……………….ahh that’s better.

30 minutes of core and shoulders and into the pool where i swam a 1.1 km as fast as possible ( thats not too fast for me by the way………………….poor lady was now trying to relax in the hot tub after her strenuous 7 minute bike workout…………….she left after a bit, as i think the splashing and flailing and panting was freaking her out.   It seemed like the water level in the pool dropped when i finished…hmmmmmm…………..hottub to my self……..

Great  workout.  I’m spent. 

 It’s funny how i can visualize various things for motivation at various times. 

 The first bit was thinking about my sister getting up early and getting out there.  Then i was thinking of my friend Patrick who most certainly was doing his hill training outside at that very moment ( and indeed he was at that very moment and puzzled why I didn’t go outside)   when im doing tedious treadmill work i think always about some of the people ive watched on Video training and or running Badwater.  Especially Ferge Hawk………..then there is Death Race and i always think that i would be a very sad boy if i dont do everything in my power to reach a high level of fitness now because it will sure as hell be too late by the time i get nervous about the date sometime in May.

So no regrets.  Get it done.  Give er!

I think it’s extremely important to have a goal.  I think it’s why i feel bad for people who train to “finish” as their only goal.   Of course I want to finish.  But ive finished enough 4 hour marathons.  Dont need any more.  I’m not collecting them like stamps in an album.   I think in order to be fully motivated you need to have another goal…a goal that seems just out of reach, otherwise on those tough days you may skip a workout here and there as you arent as worried about the outcome!     I want to see how much i can push myself.  Whats in the tank.  

I believe it is only though pushing ourselves to the brink and right to the edge of where we may not even finish something is the ONLY way we can know what we truly have inside.  

When I finish this life I want No Regrets




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