16 weeks remaining

7 02 2011


16 weeks may seem like a long time, BUT when you have a 100 mile run facing you its really not.  I mean i used to get pretty nervous training for a Marathon with 16 weeks to go!   Its all relative BUT………………….same old thing…”am i doing enough?”   ” Am i doing too much too early and risk peaking early and/or getting injured?”…………………..we made a plan when were of sound mind ( because by week 5 or 6 the brain wont be reliable) and we need to adhere to the plan and make adjustments for how the body feels……………..this weekend was a perfect example.

Saturday i was scheduled to run a 28 km at a slow pace and hit my target low heart rate of aprox 140 per minute.   I was feeling extremely strong and found i could run considerably faster then the prescribed pace but still keep my heat rate in that zone.  The geart rate target is far more important than the pace so thats what i did.  i also ended up with a 32 km run instead of 28.

Sunday we were to run 22 km slow on trails.

The trails were so technical with knee deep snow and a completely uneven surface under the snow that i ran the slowest pace in my running life but my heart rate was averaging 135!

Also the run took almost 2 hours so we only did the 14 km as 22 km would have been too much.   The old Stefan would have run the 22km no matter what and possibly pushed it too far.

Today i can see although extremely sore, there arent any injuries.  So it was an awesome workout with 2/3 of the distance.

I guess what im trying to say here is my runs have specific targets and this is what i try and achieve each run.  i no longer get hung up on the exact distance etc.

Having fun training this year.  Listening to my body and hoping this will see me through to the starting line injury free.

16 weeks left to Sulphur Springs

Sunday                          22 km slow turned into 14 km super slow

Monday                        Off

Tuesday                     1.5 km warmup, 12 hills of 750 meters or more on a 8% to 12% grade, 6 km run after

Wed                              Bike 20 km, core training 45 minutes, swim 1.5 km

Thursday                3 km warmup, 15 km tempo run, 2 km cool down

Friday                      off??  swim??  Light gym

Sat                               32 km run medium pace

About 83 km…………….decent week.  mileage is still very managable while working 65 hour work weeks.

Feeling great.   Weight steadily dropping 200-300g a week.




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