15 weeks remaining

15 02 2011


This next 5 weeks are my favorite training period.  Each run becomes a challenge and feels like i have a purpose.  The running isn’t so huge in mileage that im exhausted ( not like weeks 10 down), but its enough that it feels special…important…purposefull.

More often than not i find that when I don’t want to run or feel like i wont have a good run i end up having a fantastic run.  A perfect example was Sunday past.   I had run a 35 km on Saturday and then had a lot of work to get ready for a trip.  I awoke Sunday at 5 and took a flt to NS in the morning.  I arrived from my 2 hour flt and went straight into the kitchen where i prepped an important lunch until 8 pm.   Driving home i was debating doing my 2 hour run and telling myself that i could just do it on Monday….then i was thinking if i run long monday it will mess up my Tuesday hill training….as i was having this internal debate i arrived at my brother’s house and was automatically putting on my running gear which i had carefully organized before going to the kitchen ( knowing myself to well)

I started fast, well fastish, as from my brothers it’s an immediate hill of 650 meters gaining 250 feet.  At the top i felt great and feeling very positive.  Thinking how easy it would be in the past to finish work and have a few beers watching tv……………i was listening to music which i don’t do often when running outside, and everything was going so well.  i thought i was flying along in the dark but when i checked my watch it was a pretty average 5:30 pace.  I looped around Dartmouth by Sullivan’s pound, which i love as i recall so many runs with my sister there.  Up the dreaded Maple, a 700 meter climb of 200 feet.  I don’t know why Maple seems so bad as it’s not very steep, but man it is an annoying hill!  Looped around victoria road to the bridge and back to Waverly road.   Finishing up Montebello which is an 800 meter hill gaining 400 feet of elevation…thats a steeper hill.  Thats the mean and nasty hill where i used to have to walk and now i use it for hill training maybe walking twice in 12-15 hill repeats

Such a satisfying feeling arriving back from a 2 hour run at 10 pm…………………….slept like a baby.

This weeks training isn’t tough but im living out of a suitcase and have the children so it’s not EASY per se.

Sunday 2 hour run at a steady pace with Heart Rate at 65% of maximum

Monday                                        OFF…………..stretching and 1 leg squats

Tuesday                                 warmup 3 km, 13 hill repeats for 18 km and a 1 km cool down for 22 km

Wed                                             Core work 45 minutes

Thursday                                 Warmup 2 km,  Tempo Run at 80% of Max Heart Rate 16 km, cool down 2 km =20

Friday                                        OFF

Saturday                                  36 km

Week total  = 95 km

Feeling so much better this year with the 4 days running schedule.  Coach says I ll be doing 5 days as we are getting too much mileage accumulation mid-week but the extra day will be a recovery run of 10-12 km.  Having such a good training year being more specific and focused on each run instead of just going out and logging miles. 

 The cross training is helping so much. 

 Looking forward to another amazing week.  Amazing to me as i never thought i could do this.  Im so happy to have found a passtime that is so healthy instead of the old lifestyle which was so destructive.  Ive met such an amazing community of people, all with thier own goals and aspirations for all variety of reasons.  

What ever the reason its sure a great way to spend time outside!




2 responses

15 02 2011
Shannon Wicks

Nice work on getting the job done!

When we lived in Beaver Bank, I would often bike out through Fall River to Montebello and do hill repeats there…funny, small world.

Have a great week dude!

15 02 2011

Very nice to hear from you. Tough run today but satisying….good ol NS weather…windy and cold!

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