14 weeks remaining

24 02 2011

This is a “down week”….things are going so well that we ( my Coach Stephen and i) decided to take an easy week as not to push our luck.  this week will keep my fitness level high but allow for joints and muscles to heal a bit in preperation for the next 5 weeks which will be heavy mileage.  So heres the schedule starting last Sunday

Sunday                                 run 2 hours at an easy pace without worring about pace

monday                               OFF

tuesday                               OFF ( was supposed to do hills but achillis was tight from Saturday)

Wed                                      2 km warmup, 8 hills and 2 km cool down for 14 km

Thursday                          Bike 20 min, run tempo for 12 km, swim for 1 km, core work

Friday                              Bike 20 min, Core work 45 minutes, Swim 1 km

Saturday                         Slow steady run of 32 km

So this is a 72 km week in total

Next week we turn up the heat a bit more!




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