13 Weeks remaining

27 02 2011

100 miles……………………4 Marathons back to back to back to back…………………….sometimes i wonder what on earth i was thinking.    Dont get me wrong, i love running and running long distances BUT…….sometimes this distance seems a bit overwhelming.   Its all relative i guess.  I watched David Hortons “The Runner” video last night….His famous run up the PCT to set the 67 day record.  That was alot of running.  Every day 40 miles!  When you think of that it really puts things in proper perspective.  The whole reason im doing this before the Death Race is to alter my perspective on what is difficult.

The Terrain of CDR is by far more difficult then Sulphur Springs BUT the Sulphur Springs is further by 40 km.

Yestersay i was running a single Marathon distance.  I cant say i found it arduous but it wasnt a walk in the park.  Last evening my body was fairly tired and i went to bed early   now im up and thinking that if all goes well i would have just finished running Sulphur in a sub 20 hours.   Shit!  i think im tired now!   That should alter my perspective on whats tough!

this week i start to ramp up mileage towards that 100 mile a week plus distance.  there will be 9 weeks of big mileage and then taper down to the run.

I cant say im looking forward to it, but as my friend Neil says, “its pretty cool to get up and run a marathon every weekend!”

I have to be focused now and really watch the body!   The first signs of increasing the distance are apparant.  Blisters on the feet….a black toenail………the other signs of strain are less apparant at first….achillis, calf, planteur……i will watch and i will listen and hope to remain injury free so i have a shot at my goal of running a strong 100 mile race.

This week looks like this

Sunday                                        22 km slow

Monday                                    off

tuesday                                      2 km warmup, 9 hill repeats, 2 km cool down  at a FAST pace

wed                                             Bike 20 km, run 5 km, swim 1 km, 1 hour gym

thursday                                 2 km warmup, 16 km tempo run, 2 km cool down

friday                                     OFF

Saturday                              38 km run

Total                                        97 km.

This week i will burn my normal 17500 calories plus the additional 9000 from the workouts.  That doesnt mean i can eat what i want.  It means i will eat alot but it needs to be decent fuel!




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