12 Weeks remaining

6 03 2011


Now comes the fun stuff!   Its from 12 weeks to 4 weeks that the big mileage occurs.   Its really not that tough to train at 35-55 km a week.  It requires some basic life adjustments and getting some sleep.  From 55-85 km a week it starts to take over some of your life.  weekends get dramatically shortened and you start feeling tired quite often.  You spend more time thinking about and preparing food to deal with the extra 7500 calories a week and you spend a bit of time with Doctors and Massage therapists!  85-100km, things really start to change.  You need to become quite focused and you need to be careful to get the proper sleep and nutrition.  You really need an understanding partner as you are using up 12-20 liesure hours a week which have to come from somewhere.  At this point running no longer resembles a hobby but starts to look more like a job.

Now this phase……100-125km a week training.   Things really change.  Work starts to interfere with the running.  Getting calories becomes paramount and where those calories come from becomes a focus.  For me i noticed i was carrying around some money in a plastic baggie the other day as i am so used to having it in my sweaty waistr belt. lol

You need to get a few runs in very late or very early in the day.  Sometimes you need to run twice a day to get in the mileage.  Instead of feeling energized from the running i actually start to be more tired from time to time.  i give up on the gym for the most part and conserve all extra energy for running.  i need to alternate running shoes as one pair is just too beat up to use daily.  i need to leave my comfortable 4 day week next week for 5 days to get in the mileage.

I tend to start drinking most beverages out of a squeeze bottle and my wife notices there are half full water glasses all over the house! lol

Its all good.

Today i ran the Chilly Half Marathon in Burlington.  I ran it as a training run, to get used to running an organized event with all the people etc.   It was cold and sloppy.   My coach told me to run at 1 hour 51 minute pace ( i wanted to PR nearer to 1 :40 or sub 😦 ) seeing as i have a coach and he has dramatically improved my running i choose to listen to him.  I ran 1 hour 51 minutes and 47 secounds….id say that should make him happy!   hard on the EGO watching all those runners pass me but i understand his logic.  The thing is im not even remotely tired now and can train properly this coming week.  Should i have ran at a faster race pace i would be suffering a couple of days and not had the same quality training next week.  C’est la vie.  I have to keep my eye on the prize and the prize is to run 100 miles on may 28th in UNDER 20 hours…………….and recover and continue to train to run the Canadian death RAce on july 28th ( my 46th birthday) and remove that Albatrose from around my neck.

So after all that rambling here is next weeks training schedule. 

Sunday ( today)               21.1 km for 1 hour 51 minute pace

Monday                          Gym, Swim

Tuesday                           37 km at a slow pace

Wed                                  Off

thursday                        21.1 km as a tempo run, gym for 45 minutes core

Friday                            Bike 20 km, swim 1 km,

saturday                        30 km at a moderate pace

Total of 109 km for the week.   All good ( i hope!?)      stay tuned.  Going to list a couple daily menus.




2 responses

13 03 2011

Stefan, you’re an inspiration, pushing the envelope of what seems possible! Thank you for sharing your experience of this amazing thing you are doing :o)

14 03 2011

Hey Catherine, thankyou for the kind words of support. As i get further and further into this i am shocked at just what the human body can do. Im certainly in awe of the elite ultra runners. No fear i ll get to that level while trying to work 60 plus hours a week. I just pray to remain injury free.

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