11 weeks out

12 03 2011

Woke up this morning at 5:00…..watched the sun come up, birds chirping away and thought it was a beautiful spring day!   WRONG!   not quite yet buddy!  I didnt dress very well and found it a bit chilly as i got down to the lake.   Feeling a bit tired in the beginning but soon warmed up and enjoyed the run.  Super nice to meet my buddy patrick who has been sidelined with a bit of a knee issue.  So he and i hooked up at 12 km into my run for a 9km……then i left him and headed back towards home.   Good run.  Nothing to exciting.  I didnt have a high carb meal last night so i was a bit weak towards the end.  I tend to get a bit relaxed about any run less than marathon distance at this point………………….I wont mess around with tomorrow as its a 42 km run ( i ll run 43 as i hate to run exact marathon distance).  I want to feel human in the end and even at that pace i will need some decent Carbs

I had to buy a foam roller today as the hip flexor and hams are getting tight.  Everything else seems to be in good working order.

So this coming week is

Sunday                                           43 km at 4 hours

monday                                         Off

tuesday                                        1.5 km warmup and 10 hills at maximum pace

Wed                                             Bike 20 km, Core work 45 minutes, swim 1.5 km

Thursday                                  1.5 km warmup, 15 km tempo run, 1.5 km cool down

Friday                                      Off ( last one for a while)

Saturday                                43 km                

116 km total…………………..thats getting up towards some decent mileage.   Have to really focus on nutrition, rest and recovery.   Going to make sure i get in one good massage a week as well.

Thats it thats all…too tired tonight for stories or anticdotes and have to catch up on a tonne of stuff on my food blog site   Stay tuned as i try out my new NB Minimalist Shoes designed by Anton Krupicka…..cant wait!




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