Taking care of the feet

14 03 2011

The more i get into this Ultra running the more i need to learn and understand in order to do better.  The more i run the more amazed i am at what the GREAT Ultra runners can achieve.  Granted most of them dont also have demanding jobs which require 60 plus hour work weeks ( but some do). 

Last year i only concentrated on Mileage in volume……i also started to understand Nutrition better.   This year i focused on Specific training runs, Heart Rate, and stride……..now i can see i must also focus on recovery.  The better/faster i recover the better prepared i am to go out and train hard the next day.

Last year at Canadian Death race , Jack Cook introduced me to compression socks.   Although i dont like to run in them i wear them directly following a hard run and they aid in recovery in a big way.  Especially for me who is prone to calf and shin issues.

This weekend i did back to back long runs on Saturday and Sunday ending up with a strong 75 km in 24 hours.  My Calves were fairly un-happy about this.   I had alot of high anti oxident drinks to help take care of the “hornets nest” of free radicals i had let lose in my body, a tonne of Omega 3 fish oil to combat inflamation,  followed by a hot epsom salt bath and then compression socks and 9 hours sleep.

Today my calves feel great.  Im off to an hour deep tissue massage and then hopefully by tomorrow im ready to start the process again

Yesterday i wore my funny Injinji Glove socks….at first they felt funny keeping my toes seperate, but then they felt very natural and i dont have any blisters at all.  Excellant!!  I was also wearing compression leg sleeves…not the whole sock but just from ankle to knee.  This takes a tremendous amount of strain off the calves and shins. I wear these on ong runs and Hill training!

I was so suprised yesterday when talking to some seasoned runners, who didnt know what to do to combat shin splints and who were also openly talking about taking pain killers on thier long run!!!!!  I thought by now all the runners understand just how dangerous it is to take pain killers while running!  Its an invitation for injury.  If you dont destroy your kidneys you will most likely get hurt.  Pain is the message our body gives us to tell us something isnt right.  we shouldnt ignore or mask it we need to embrace it as a friend who is helping us out.   If you dont want pain then dont run 30 plus km!!!  Go for a walk!

So although i will need to focus on my running, nutrition and rest, i will also be working hard at planning and executing a good recovery stratagy for after the especially tough workouts (which are almost all these days).

There are only 11 weeks left until Sulphur Springs but then after a few days recovery from that monster i need to train for the Canadian Death race which will be 8 weeks away from that.   Hoping the old carcass can handle another 19 weeks of training.  i must say i love it but i am daunted by the enormity of the task ahead.

Last week was 116 km……….i am aprehensive to see what my weeks of 220 will do to me on top of my increasingly busy work schedule.

Pictured above are my latest running shoe purchase!  New Balance MINIMUS………………these super light ( 4.5oz) running shoes , rumoured to have been designed by the great ultra runner Anton Krupicka, are an extremely natural shoe.  Styled to bring the runner closer to the barefoot experiance but keep your feet off the goose and dog shit!   I have to ease into these slowly and only plan on using them for 5% of my mileage at a time as not to get an injury.  they have very little support and encourage a mid foot strike for the runner.

cant wait for a test drive tomorrow.




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