10 Weeks until Sulphur

19 03 2011

All of the sudden there is ONLY 10 weeks left…how did that happen?  Now it starts…the…OMG i havent trained enough….i havent trained hard enough etc……..Back in December it was more like, wow i have soooo much time to train this year.  10 weeks may seem long, but for conditioning it really isnt that much.   I mean i ran another 43 today.  It wasnt EXTREMELY difficult but by no means was it EASY…………….so i find myself thinking…could i have run a 50 miler today?  Yes that s 84 km, i had that in me for sure….may not have been pretty but i had it…….could i have run 3 more of these marathon distances today????  How in the heck do i know…my brain is saying NO…R U SICK?   My legs right now arent thrilled with the prospect of it.  Good god what did i get myself into this time? lol….SIGH

I dont think i could add alot more mileage and remain injury free.  I’m already busy with little issues poping up and starting to frequent the massage therapist rather regularly.  i have a standing appointment with my sports doctor for ART and panicked a bit when he mentioned a 2 week vacation he has coming up………He should have scheduled that around my training…hmmmmmmm

So where am i?  I started really training 12 weeks ago with an emphasis at 9 weeks ago.   Ive logged several plus 80 km weeks and now several plus 110 weeks….im 6 marathon distance runs in 2011.  My wieght has dropped 5 kg since Christmas to 85 kg with my targeted weight of 83 on Race day may 28th.  All of my times have improved….my resting heart rate is a bare thud occassionally when in bed………….my max heart beat is like that of a scared rabbit……………on my tempo runs with a heart rate of 75-80% of max i still feel comfotable.   Sub 4 hour Marathon pace is comfortable…..and sub 3:30 marathon pace doable…………….but 10 weeks left to then run 165 km in one shot.  clearly i didnt think this through entirely…………………nothing to do now but stay the course.  Train  eat  Sleep   Listen to the body and show up at the start line injury free.

heres what i am going to do in my spare time this week

Sunday                                                            26-30km Slowly

Monday                                                            off

Tuesday                                                           20 km with a hilly route

Wed                                                                  15 km Steady Run, Core work and swim

Thursday                                                        18 km tempo Run

Friday                                                              Gym for Core Work, Bike and Swim

Saturday                                                         46 km at 5:30 pace

Thats about 125 km for the week. hmmmm same distance as death race but no mountains and a week to do it…..WHY do i keep making these referances! Ahhhhhh!

  Id estimate i will consume an additional 9000 calories this week on top of the 17500 i would normally burn.

One nice thing now is the weather is certainly turning for the better.  Lots of Red Wing Black birds singing away in the marsh grass with thier unmistakable shrill twirly type song….tonnes of varieties of ducks….squirrels ever busy.  It starts to smell like spring althou it was only plus 5 as a high today.   This makes the big miles easier and wearing shorts and a t for the tempos certainly is easier…….

Stay tuned




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