9 weeks until Sulphur 100 miler

28 03 2011

With only 9 weeks to train for my first 100 mile run, the training is getting intence to say the least.  This weekend was my first back to back to accumalte 80 km or 50 miles in a 24 hour period.  i will need to double that in the upcoming weeks.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of REST and NUTRITION when getting into the big miles….actually to perform well at any level of training those two elements are as important as the running itself.

I tend to get a bit casual about the whole thing from time to time and then after a good butt kicking i regroup and realize that alot can happen on a 5 hour run!

Last week i had to have heard the comment ” When do you find the time to run, i wish i could” 10 times!    I have mentioned this in many blogs and i still find it humerous.  Again unless you are a single parent with young children, EVERYONE can find the time if they choose to.

Last week i did a 15 hour shift on tuesday so decided not to run.  My legs were shot from the kitchen floors.  Wed i woke up at 4AM and did a 20 km, and got to the airport and flew 2 hours to NS.  On arrival in NS i went straight to my brothers kitchen and prepped until midnight.  thursday i was up at 5AM ( 4 AM my time) and into the kitchen until 6 pm…then my daughters talent show and got back to my hotel a little after 8pm…….the entire drive back my tired mind was constantly finding reasons not to run, right up to the point of getting dressed and finally lacing my running shoes i was creating arguments.  I ended up having a fantastic run and got back to the hotel at 1030….slept like a new born baby.

Unfortunately Friday night i was casually munching on Pizza ( Salvatores, undoubtedly my favorite pizza in Canada) and went to bed after midnight……….this wasnt wise nor was it wise to wolf down a couple pancakes before setting out on a 50 km run with only 2 gel packs.

I ran the Chain Lake trail to upper Tantallon 25 km away and then turned around.   The first 3 km were tough and then i settled into a good run.  Once i turned around i knew i was in trouble for nutrition…i was really speant.  not much i could do about that as not only did i have to get back…i had to be back at a prescribed time as i needed to get my son to a hockey tournement…………….i was hurting pretty bad at 32 km when i discovered a handfull of almonds and a piece of candied ginger in my belt pack…..a few minutes after wolfing those down i felt a bit more energy.  Ginger increases circulation and eases an upset stomach….it should be every distance runners friend!

I was also low on water and being a bit of a “sweater” i need hydration.   I started to ration water and eyed a few snowy runoffs with contemplation…….NS bog water is highly tanic and would only cause to dehydrate me further, not to mention the local Beaver population, i may get Beaver Fever…………………

At 40 km i was really quite burnt out…..i realized that it was even more tiring to walk as it was so slow so i kept running and suddenly found a zone where i was running at a really strong pace.  I got back 5 minutes late only and was releaved to gulp down 3 glasses of water a few spoons of honey, a banana and a glass of orange juice and got my son to Hockey on time.

So Saturday night i had an awesome Spaghetti dinner and green salad with my sister Ava  and slept 7.5 hours.  A breakfast of oatmeal and banana before our run and out for a nice 28km with her and her running partner Dale.

A world of diferance.  Sooooo much stronger with proper nutrition.   Iwas also pleased to note i had little leg fatigue and absolutely no sore muscles.   After the 28 i had to drive 4 hours to Charlottetown PEI.  slept 9.5 hours last night and feel perfect today.

So this weeks training looks like this, a bit of a less intence week before a monster week the next.  be assured i will eat and sleep properly prior to the big runs here!

27th — Sunday — 30K @ 6:10/km., with R/T of 03:05:00 
29th — Tuesday– 22K @ 6:05/KM., with R/T of 02:14:00 
30th — Wednesdy — 14K Recovery Run
31st — Thursday — 1.5K Warmup; 15K Tempo @ 5:30/km., with THR of 152 bpm’s and R/T of 01:23:00
02nd — Saturday — 46K @ 6:20/km., with R/T of 04:52:00 
Wkly. Mileage — 128.5K 




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