8 Weeks Out………..Everythings relative!!

2 04 2011

This week was tough for a number of reasons.   First the week was WAY busier then it looked from the beginning and i ended up pushing a run forward from Tuesday to wed.   Then Wed on the run i knew something was wrong as my Heart Rate was much higher than normal for the pace i was running and i was sweating profusely .  It was a tough run and when i got home i felt terrible.   That night i realized i had the flu……..unlike my former self i dont run while sick, so i missed another run………i was upset until i realized i still had over 100 km in for the week.

Today i carefully planned my nutrition and hydration to the calorie.   I didnt allow my glycogen stores to get low at any point and as a result i hade plenty left in the tank at 52.   I was a bit tired of the actual act of running but it was a beautiful day.   When you run that far for that long you actually see so much of the day of the city.   Today i ran down to the CN tower along lakeshore and got to see the city waking up and people slowly starting thier day.  It was plus 1 C.    At 26 km i turned back up from the Lake along the Humber River and followed it until it hit the 401. By now the temperature was 11C.    At some points its a small trail in the woods.  My favorite part.   loads of little animals scurrying about for food, birds, squirrels, foxes, ducks, geese…..those wacky Canadian Geese………… In others there are parks etc.  It goes through very wealthy neighborhoods and working class.   In one place some fathers were raking the Baseball Diamonds and the young guys were doing warmups…Baseball season is here.  Blue Jays opener was last night.

That means its Spring.  Beautiful day.  Sunshine.  A good run.  Good food and early to bed.  Tomorrow is another day.

Here we go ….Next weeks schedule

03rd — Sunday — 30K @ 7:00/km, with R/T of 03:30:00 
05th — Tuesday — 25K @ 6:05/km, with R/T of 02:32:00
06th — Wednesday — 18K Recovery Run
07th — Thursday — 2.0K Warmup; 16K Tempo @ 5:25/km., with THR of 152 bpm’s and R/T of 01:27:00
09th — Saturday — 30K @ 6:15/km., with R/T of 03:08:00
                            20K @ 6:20/km., with R/T of 02:07:00
Wkly. Mileage — 141.0  KM



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