Run Forest Run

3 04 2011


There comes a point in training for any distance that you just get tired of the repetitive nature of running.   I think if i worked less or not at all it would always be such a pleasue.  i also find when i run more with friends its far far easier.  I am saying this because todays 32 was a tough job.  Im not saying it sucked im just saying i was spending alot of time counting down mileage.   I felt fairly fine after yesterdays 52…..maybe a bit stupified…………but all in all pretty good.  i was falling asleep at 8PM and finally gave in at 10 pm….diana was up and off to the airport at 530 and the smell of coffee got me up.  We have excellant NSpresso coffee machien and its one of the biggest pleasures in my day.   I didnt have oatmeal, my first mistake, but opted for Ceam of Wheat………….C of W doesnt have the holding power of good ol oatmeal!

Legs werent sore at all, but i felt ???drained??  empty………………I set off at 730 and it was a beautiful day.   I enjoyed the run but it seemed like it was requiring soooo much energy.  By 8 km i was feeling alot better, but from 16-24 i was working.  Patrick met me at 24 and we ran back to his car, walking ALL hills, and i was honestly so glad to be finished running until tuesday.

We met up with the gang of Boston hopefulls at Starbucks and walked down to our all day breakfast spot where i ate the whole menu.    Felt much better after!  All in all a good day.

Dont get me wrong i love running but holy crap, sometimes i get a bit tired of …well…….all the running!

8 weeks…..way to long……..not long enough!




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