7 weeks out, electrolytes and muscle cramping

9 04 2011

Well this week was certainly a week of ups and downs mentally.   This was an exceptionally busy work week, Diana was away and the miles are ramping up.    I found it a struggle several times to get out there and run.  It all started monday when i was going crazy all day juggling priorities so i could go out to a private screening of “The Lincoln Lawyers” with Coach Stephen.   Im glad i did as i thought the movie was great and it was fun to go out on a non-business evening.  trouble is i got home and had a few things to do and then it was 1 AM…….no good for a run in the morning so i went to work all day and got home with a massive headache ( last meeting was with the accountants…he always gives me a headache even when things are so good), and had to go out for a 21 km run………the entire drive home i was making up reasons and excuses to not go out, but i knew i was going.  The overwhelming thought that trumps all excuses is the thought of getting about 60 miles into my 100 mile race and thinking….”Oh Shit, i wish i didnt skip those training runs” lol………so it was tough the first 8 km, it always is for me but then i warmed up and turned back towards home thinking i ll call it short at 16 and make up some miles later in the week.  By the time i got to 16 i was feeling good and i already knew i wouldnt make that deal so i started of on a 10 km loop course and ended up with a 26 km run.  Home at 930 at night and back to work.  Wed was not as crazy and then Thursday i was at work at 600AM and picked up Diana from the airport at 6PM.  I opted not to run and to do the run friday which i knew wasnt so brillant a plan as i dont like to run long friday with heavy weekend mileage looming.   It was actually a nice afternoon and i found it no trouble at all to jam in a 25 km run.    However, friday evening i was having trouble mentally dealing with the upcoming 55 km run for Saturday morning….i kept thinking about it.  At least this friday i had a good pasta dinner, and when i awoke i had a great bowl of oatmeal.

I set off at 730 with a plan to meet my friend Patrick at 1000………………unusually i didnt need much warmup and was well into stride by 2 km or so.  I was keeping the pace in chk as i really didnt want to get trashed today as i promised Diana wed do something later.   I arrived at the pre determined meeting spot at 958 and patrick was just pulling into the parking lot.  I re-filled my bottles and set off towards the lake.  Patrick was running well despite his nagging knee issue and in no time we were on the lake……….i had a bit of a struggle from 26-30km but after that smooth sailing.  The lake was beautiful today and we went down every little peninsula and side trail we could find and then made our way back to his car.   He felt so good he decided to finish another 12 with me and i was extremely grateful for the company.    Running back up the river where i had run 4 hours earlier, it was now 11 C as opposed to the 0C it was when i ran there earlier.  There were loads of the Caardinals pictured above flitting around us as we ran up the trails through the shaded woods.   It was PERFECT running conditions.  I barely noticed my loonie size blister forming on my instep.

One thing in particular i had noticed last week and is pictured above is that i am sweating so much as the weather warms and losing alot of Sodium and other essential Electrolytes.  I have been plauged with a tight hamstring which i realized was more of a cramp.  Today on top of the usual gels and carbo drinks i also took a Sodium capsule at 2 hours and 3.5 hours.  miraculously i dont have that same “tight Ham” i have had for a couple weeks.

This isnt recreational running any more.  these are seriously big weeks and i need to spend the appropriate amount of time planning a run and its nutritional and hydration requirements.

Diana and i went downtown and i got a new pair of running shoes ( every 4 weeks now!! $$) and then went to a lovely little cafe Sorrel, in Yorkville where we sat out side and had salads and a steak frit and people watched for a few hours.   A great day.  So glad to see the sun finally.   now work to do and early to bed to run another 35 tomorrow. 

here is next weeks schedule.  i will be in Orlando Florida after mid week so ill need to acclimatize to the warmer running…………….we are into 100 MILE weeks for the first time in my life.  This is like a full time job! lol.   Its also a great weight los program with last weeks 29,000 calories burned!  Thats compared to the normal 17,000 i burn.

10th — Sunday — 34K @ 6:30/km., with R/T of 03:41:00.
12th — Tuesday — 28K @ 5:45/km   
13th — Wednesday — 18K Recovery Run
14th — Thursday — 2.0 Warmup; 18K Tempo @ 5:05/km. 
16th — Saturday — 32K @ 5:30/km.,
                            28K @ 6:22/km.,
Wkly. Mileage — 160K



2 responses

10 04 2011

This is a great aerobic workout and a fat loss regimen too. I will try doing at least 10k run this month. And have some good massage afterwards.

14 04 2011

Yes Aerobic excercise is definately the way to lose weight….that and writing down and calculating every calorie you consume for about 1 month. Amazing results

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