Ghecko Run

14 04 2011

So just like last year when i got up in the mileage and my work got busy, next thing you know my daily running shoes were worn out.  I know, and my wife reminds me there are about 14 pair in the closet, but she doesnt understand.  there are ones for extremely technical trails, ones for minimalist running, some for wet trails, 5 worn out pair that went through too much with me to get rid of and they might have one more 10 km in them, 2 pair of shoes that are 1 size too big that i got for wearing orthodics in which i dont wear…………………, the other day after running 50 plus on a saturday i decided that my road shoes were done……what to do?  I put on the new pair of the Asics which were one size too large and ran in them.  i stopped a few times and really ratcheted the laces tighter and tighter.  After a while i had a “hot spot” on top of my foot which i thought was “lace burn”

last Sunday i still ahdnt gotten around to getting a new pair ( little trouble with an 80 hour work week and a 20 hour running schedule) so i ran in the over sized asics……at 15 km the Hot spot was really hot and suddenly at 20 km it was burning and very painfull.  Not that i mind pain much but i didnt want some long term issue so i stopped at around 26 km.

the next day i was very sore there and went to see good ole Dr ian.   He wasnt alarmed or suprised and explained how i had compressed a ligament which holds a bunch of tendons in place.

Soooo i took monday off ( as usual), and then i flew to Florida tuesday.  I debated for quite a while before deciding not to run tuesday and try and let things heal a bit.  lots of icing sunday, monday, tuesday.

This morning i got up early and set off not knowing where i was going and just ran until i ran out of side walk…..then started to run back.  It was a scheduled 18 km but as i was running back i started to think that today was the easiest work day ive had in 6 weeks, and its nice and warm……so when i was almost at the hotel i turned around and ran back…back to where i saw these two huge sandhill cranes pictured above.  man those are big majestic birds.

I ran in new sneakers :)….i never worry much about breaking in a pair of sneakers i just strap em on and go.  In Ontario i am entertained by the squirrels on my runs, here it was the funny little checkos rustling about in the leaves…funny little guys.  Next thing you know im back with a 26 km.  Pretty slow pace in the heat but a nice run.

tonight i was looking at my feet.  ive got a bit of planter f in the left…..a rather bad bunioun on the right big toe, a bit of that tendon problem still, lots of caluses over blisters and a black toenail.  im thinking that my feet are fairly important to my running, biut what can i do?   i guess they should start getting a bit beat up after running around 1,000,000 running steps this past 4 monthes.

its all good.    Im getting up and running the same tomorrow so i can make up for the missed miles on tuesday.!

Then its trade show time friday and saturday…thats going to hurt big time!  But thats then not now!




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