6 weeks out

17 04 2011


Ok that was most definitely one of my toughest running weeks in my life.  Last week I had a heavy work load to deal with and a schedule which required early mornings and late nights.   I didn’t eat well, as usual when on the road, and had to do laundry in the hotel bath tub which is never great.

I forgot my “glide” at home which isn’t great when running a 100 plus km week…………………..so all in all…..uugh

I ended up missing one full day on my schedule and cut my Saturday run short from 56 to 36 due to having a tradeshow to work that day.  The idea was to go back out and run the other 20 Saturday night , but for some reason after getting up at 4 AM, running a 36, working the trade show all day, tearing down and packing and lugging all the gear I just didn’t feel up for it.  Instead of running I took a 2 hour siesta in the late afternoon/early evening sun by the hotel pool and veged out completely.

The good news about last week is my legs are doing great with the mileage.   Mechanically sound and very strong.   My pace is defiantly slowing a bit with accumulative fatigue.  My feet have a host of problems daily….too many to even talk about.  Thing about running is you kind of need your feet!!

One of my long runs with only 4 hours sleep, poor nutrition and humidity of 80% I started to hallucinate a bit.  I was certain that a squirrel ( or demented giant ghecko) which was rustling about in the vegetation by a swamp, was an Alligator.

I told my sister about it and she assured me it was probably only a Squirlagator…lol

At any rate im posting my next two weeks schedules as I am uncertain I will have even an ounze of energy left to write with in the next while.  hahaha………………Its actually all good.  I am enjoying the running immensly especially as the weather turns to Spring at home.   My buddy Patrick meets me on alot of runs and does 20 or 30 with me to keep me company.  Hes a great guy who readjusts his own schedule just to support me.  A true friend indeed.   My wife Diana will finish up school soon and she will meet me for the tail end of a few to do a 10-12 with me.  Its all good.  Im lucky i have my health and im able to run.  Im greatfull for the experiance!

This week im going to push hard.  I going to run the Marquis du Sade a few times to get the hills in.  Should be fun.

After these schedules, providing im still alive I will have one more week of about 210 km and then the taper…….unfortunately that week I will also be on the road in Belgium.  I think Belgiumis only that big so perhaps I ll run across it!

17th — Sunday — 37K

19th — Tuesday — 30K

20th — Wednesday — 20K Recovery Run

21st — Thursday — 20K

23rd — Saturday — 38K  … and a   — 24K

Wkly. Mileage — 169K

24th — Sunday — 40K Steady Run

26th — Tuesday — 35K Steady Run

27th — Wednesday — 22K Recovery Run

28th — Thursday — 25K Steady Run

30th — Saturday –40K Steady Run

                        — 30K Steady Run

Wkly. Mileage — 192K




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