5 weeks out

24 04 2011

Injury recovery

Id have to say the most frustrating part of training for a race is getting injuries and having to stop and allow them to heal.

Its almost inevitable to put in mileage consistently over 120 km a week for 10 w

eeks or so and not have something.  For me its almost the same thing everytime.   Im doing good in the winter monthes and then as soon as spring comes and im busier at work and longer hours on my feet, coupled with travel and trade show work ( long hours on the feet on concrete floors) I get injured.

This time its not a big injury and I have really babied it more then I ever would have in the past, as im desperate to have it go away and let me complete the last 5 weeks training in peace.

I want to get to the starting line injury free!    It’s a tricky time with only 5 weeks left.  If im not careful I will end up with a worse injury, but if I don’t keep the level of fitness I have it will really really really suck to try and run 100 miles in a race.


Yesterday I guess I shouldn’t have run yet as I wasn’t completely healed, howver it was a nice day and I really wanted to get out to Sulphur again before the race.   We only ended up with a 20 km loop out there but it was hilly and muddy.   It was a nice run though.   We saw loads of Deer, maybe 15 or 20 and 2 coyotes at very close distance.  One Coyote was quite large…….showing that they are breeding with Eastern Grey wolves and becoming a new sub species.

Total elevation change of 2700 feet in 20 km is a good workout and then I threw some miles on last night.

Today I woke up excited, tired but ready to get in some huge miles.   With a bit of a disorganized start I was out the door by 7 AM and equipped to do a 50 or better run.

I started off great and at a nice pace.  The legs sure are strong now and I set put on the Marquis du Sade route which I did in about 2 hours.  It’s a hilly route which I love combining part road, part trails and a couple staircases.  It has 2400 feet of elevation change in 21 km so it’s a great route.  The goal was to meet Patrick at theStoneBridgeby 915.   Well I got there at 9:10 but limping heavily the last 4 km.  I told him the sad news that he was on his own for the next 40 km.   Not nice for him but I really need this foot in shape and I couldn’t risk going further.   

I came home and have iced heavily and will stay off it the rest of the day!  Big difference is last year I would have limped along for the next several hours probably completely destroying that ankle and needing weeks to recover!

Extremely frustrating but I guess its part of the game.  Too bad as I really feel I need the next few weeks to be fully prepared,

So heres next weeks plan which I have now modified to deal with the sore ankle.  Hope it works out……………………..


5 weeks out!

24th — Sunday — 21K Hilly Run, Bike and Swim 1.5 hours

26th — Tuesday – Bike swim Core 2.5 hours

27th — Wednesday — 15K Recovery Run  ??, Core 1 hour

28th — Thursday — 25K Steady Run

29th—Friday—18 km Tempo

30th — Saturday –65K Long Slow Distance

Wkly. Mileage — 175K




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