3 weeks out!!!!!!!!!!!!!no pain no gain or something like that

7 05 2011

Well…an interesting week to say the least.   Was it fun??  Not really, however i did get some sort of perverse pleasure in being able to break through the 200 km a week barrier…….with a 201.29 after 52 today.   I wont moan on and on about my incrediably sore tendon in my left foot and the icing etc….or the fact that i got less than 35 hours sleep in 7 days and one night only 2 hours, worked 12 to 13 hour days on a concrete trade show floor in a 3x 5 space cooking for several hundred people at a time…………………….but i will say when i got up this morning with a fairly advanced sinus infection i was in good spirits to see such an amazingly beautiful day.  I told diana id be back after 32 km most likely although i was scheduled for 40………………….i already knew in my heart i had to go for 52 to break the 200km mark.

Patrick waited a good hour for me as i was extremely slow getting organized after 21 days mostly on the road.

We set off slowly and by 12 km he turned back and i continued on feeling good.  First twinges of pain at 21 km just about where i almost stepped on this 1 meter long Garter snake…..i thought for a secound it was a mississauga rattler….you can see the spike in my HR monitor from 138 beats per minute to an instant 165!!  lol…………..a couple hundred meters and a beautiful deer with its nose just about 2 meters from the path…like the one pictured above.    I still find it amazing we can live in the 5th biggest North American city and have animals with in running distance of my home….very very nice.

Other animals also as i passed under the Jane and Finch area….these animals gave me funny glances as they were passing the pipe around……………hmmm……..not sure i like running that area……not like im nervous, but i cant out run bullets!………….yet…………..

Today my Heart Rate was almost 10 beats a minute higher than normal.  I guess the sinus infection and lack of sleep

So 9i ll post my next weeks training schedule but i will seriously adjust it according to my foot.   I already have the fitness required to run 100 miles.  Ive had the mental toughness since i was 12 years old.   So i think i just need to maintain my fitness and alow the foot to heal as much as possible.

Every runner knows that 3 weeks out is a very important week to fatigue the body and tehn start tapering into race form.

In the last 3 days i have seriously considered dropping out, or changing to a 50 mile race instead due to the foot injury………BUT…………anyone who knows me knows that thats not likely to happen.  i need to get this done with.

If i get to the start line i will have to be on deaths own doorstep to quit without finishing this!

heres the next schedule…………not to thrilled to have to run 72 tomorrow!!!!  we’ll see about that.

08th — Sunday — 42K Steady Run (a.m.)
                      — 30K Steady Run (p.m.)
09th — Monday — Rest Day
10th — Tuesday — 20K Steady Run
11h — Wednesday — 25K Steady Run
12th — Thursday — Rest Day
13rh — Friday — 30K Steady Run
14th — Saturday — 40K Steady Run
Wkly. Mileage — 187K
15th — Sunday — 50K Steady Run 



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