2 Weeks out………….taper time

14 05 2011

Nice to see this little Baltimore Oriole on the path today, as well as 3 deer.   Imagine, Toronto is the 5th biggest city in NA and there is so much wildlife.  The trail was covered in small land snails which I try to avoid but its impossible as there are thousands.   I saw a big fat porcupine sleeping in a tree!  Beautiful time of year.

So two weeks from today i will have hopefully run 50 miles at this time…..with 50 more to go!!

I have to say that i hit some serious lows in my training this time.   the last several weeks have been rough to say the least.  The all time low was last week in Belgium where i was working huge hours, and did the biggest training week of my life with 201km completed………….alone…………..

Many people tell me about how busy their job is and i smile.   Ever work in the food service industry?  I mean really work in it?  Crazy is the only way to describe it.  Sometimes brutal marathon shifts of 16 to 18 hours on your feet.  I don’t mean wandering around with a coffee in one hand…………….or taking a break when you want.  I mean going as hard as you can for as long as you can with sometimes no chance to even use the washroom for several hours…………..brutal by times……………………so i got a bit down.  i was exhausted both mentally and physically…………….the upcoming task of running 100 miles seemed daunting.

I arrived home with a sinus infection which progressed to the point of a major lung infection bordering on pneumonia.    Finally i went on antibiotics.  the doctor said ” after 2 to 3 days of these and a lot of bed rest you will be fine”   guess running 150 km while sick and on antibiotics wasnt what he had in mind as im still a bit sick today a week later.lol


im glad i got sick.   im glad my foot got injured!   I was starting to get cocky.  A bit arrogant about the task at hand.   I may have thought i could run further or faster.   Getting sick made me so grateful for my health.  I don’t want to take for granted the simplicity of good health.   My injured foot is a symptom of the mileage and my job.  Cest la Vie!

This week i completed 181 km.   On one run i had a fever of 101 and had to stop to throw up…………..good training as I hear many people throw up when running 100 mile races.  So much to look forward to!

Today it threatened rain but it held off for the entire run.  i was so fortunate to have people to run with for almost the whole run.  Diana went out with me for the first 7 km and then i ran a few hill repeats on the switch back and then Patrick joined me for 31………….ended up with 42.2.  quite by accident a full marathon distance.  We went at an extremely slow pace which was perfect and when we finished i realized that if i pace myself carefully and have proper rest and nutrition, depending on what my body feels like that day then YES i can run the 100 miles!   i can honestly say that when i do Marathon distance now in a slow 4.5 hour pace i feel like i havent even excercised………….completely fresh.

So now its taper time.  this week 100 km or a bit less and next week 50 km at most.  the only thing i will do these next 13 days is try to let my foot injury heal and to keep the fitness level i have achieved.

Heres some stats

since january 1 I have run just under 2500 km.   I have run about 20 Marathon or plus distances

i have destroyed 4 pair of running shoes and have 2 more on the way out.

I burn on average 30,000 calories a week ( almost double my norm)

I have eaten, approx 175 gels ( yuck), drank approx 250 litres of Gatorade and Carbo pro.  Eaten 3 kg of Walnuts, 50 cans of sardines, 15 kg of dark chocolate, 9 litres of peanut butter, 7 kg of oatmeal, 4 litres of honey, 100 bananas,  taken almost 200,000 mg of omega 3 fish oil, destroyed 9 pair of socks.

I now weigh 83.5 kgs ( from 93 on christmas day), Body fat of 11%.

resting Heart Rate is 47, maximum Heart Rate is 182…………average running heart rate is 142

So I don’t have schedule for next week yet as my coach is busy running a marathon on sunday……..he is 76 by the way and runs several a year generally winning or coming 2nd at worst in his age class!!!  If only!!!

I will start to pack for Sulphur this week as i like to be ready well in advance.  i will buy 2 more pair of shoes and that’s it!

so running something like

Sunday 20+ 20 for  40km SLOW ( have to fly to Cape Breton)

Monday OFF

Tuesday Run a FAST 12 km then swim and core

Wed, a slow 15 km

Thursday Core and Swim

Friday 21 km Race Pace

Saturday 12 km Tempo

Stay tuned….tic toc…………….hoping to post live video and blog during the run!




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