2 weeks out…..letter from the coach

16 05 2011

Dear Stefan:
Your fitness is at peak levels.  The concern now is to keep it there as your body gets the rest it needs during a taper that cuts mileage sharply in the final two weeks leading up to the Sulphur Springs race.  The fact is, if a cut in mileage was the only thing involved in your taper, your body would simply go on vacation and your race performance would suffer.  That’s why the basics of an optimal taper call for not only reduced volume but also careful monitoring of pace and a continuation of the five-times-a-week frequency of your training runs.
Your mileage will drop by approximately 40% in each of the next two weeks, but every meter of that mileage (except for an easy 3K on the day before the race) should be run at what’s called a “comfortably hard” pace — i.e., a “5” on a perceived exertion scale of 1 to 10. 
This kind of pace should be faster than the per-kilometre pace you’re projecting for yourself on Race Day, but it should not be so fast as to elevate your average heart rate for an entire run to more than 75% of maximum.  Here’s the schedule:
15th — Sunday — 40K Steady Run (1)
16th — Monday — Rest Day
17th — Tuesday — 12K Steady Run
18th — Wednesday — 15K Steady Run
19th — Thursday — Rest Day
20th — Friday — 18K Steady Run
21st — Saturday — 24K Steady Run
Wkly. Mileage —  109K
22nd — Sunday — 24K Steady Run
23rd — Monday — Rest Day
24th — Tuesday — 20K Steady Run
25th — Wednesday — 10K Steady Run
26th — Thursday — Rest Day
27th — Friday — 3K Easy Run (2)
Wkly. Mileage — 57K
28th — Saturday — Race Day



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