8 days out…………..to run or not to run..that is the question

19 05 2011

Pictured here is one of  Canadas many orchids….the lady slipper.   So amazing to see these and the beautiful Trilliums in the forest these days.     

People say what do you think of when running…………..well when i m running on the roads, i think of work and how hard the pavement is, and about my pace………………….when i run on the trails i think about how freaking beautiful nature is……………..and i look for animals and birds and flowers like these.            

So this has been a difficult week.   Shortly after posting my schedule for the week i decided not to follow it.  I have been injured for 4 weeks with a tendon problem.  The tendon connects your shin muscle to the big toe and helps to elevate your foot.  Kind of important in running.   It started as a simple lace burn and because of buying and wearing improper shoes for 200 km or so, the problem got aggrevated and has persisted.

For 14 days i have been very sick with a sinus infection and a lung infection boardering on pneumonia.   I took anti-biotics for 10 days now.  finished yesterday.  they didnt work so well as i didnt rest but instead ran a couple hundred KM and worked like a demented dog!

This week i realized that whatever training i have done will have to do and i had to work on my mental focus if i was to have a chance on this 100 mile run.  In order to feel better mentally i need to recover from my sickness and heal my foot.

So today will be the 4th day of no running.  Tomorrow i will go to the gym and work Core and stretch.  saturday a slow hike/run at the race site in Sulphur.  Hopefully i can lineup on May 28th injury free and healthy.

Its quite difficult to go from running 20-30 hours a week to nothing!  Im missing all those good endorphines from the running and struggle with anxiety of whether i have trained enough!?  Whats enough??   Soon find out!




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