1 week out

21 05 2011

So this is it.   I had great support from friends like Verity, Laura, Scott, michael, etc who all told me the same thing…”you.ve trained, so now rest and heal the foot!”     thank you thankyou for the advice.  it is so hard to stop after monthes of training.  This week i got a tonne of rest and my foot was healed as of today.

Diana, PK, and I went out to Sulphur today.  Glorious weather…unbelievable.   I knew it would be muddy, but i had no idea.   It was a mud bath!  If it rains anymore this week and 1000 people herd down that trail it will be quite something!!!!!  Better bring a firehose to washup.

It was so beautiful in the forest today and all the smells of summer!  Man. could have run for hours but i guess thats next week.

So im in great spirits today.  Im not “cocky” as i am clear on the magnitude of the pending task, but i feel very confident now.  Im actually looking forward to this “trial of miles”……………………so i may be back on here once before race day, but on next Saturday i will start to try and post live from a remote!

this week, im running not much…..

Sun          15

Mon  core

tuesday     12, and bike 12

Wed       Swim, core

Thursday    8 and swim

friday  3 km

Saturday    Race day   162 km!     lol….seems funny to even type it!

Now its BBQ time!  gotta get those calories in!!!!………….going to burn 18000 next saturday!!!!




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