T minus 36 hours

27 05 2011


So this is it.   Myself and Probir and Morten and PK had a nice night run on tuesday night to check out equipment etc.   It was difficult to keep the pace down and the mileage down to 10 km……it made me hungry for more.

Its been raining soooooo much recently.  the trail at Sulphur will be a disaster.lol….should make it fun …for a while…im sure mud in shoes and wet feet wears on you after 20 hours!?

My foot is “healed” meaning it doesnt hurt at all, but we’ll see how it likes to run for 100 miles.  Finally 17 days later my sinus infection is cleared!

Im in great shape…not quite as ripped as last summer but leaner and lighter………………..84 kg.

So no excuses ( except the weather lol) hear we go.  I am pumped and positive.   Im really looking forward to spending some alone time as well and not to be working! or in an airport!

I may blog once more about packing but not sure.  still work to do,  In bed at 9 tonight as tomorrow night will be difficult to sleep with the adrenalin starting to flow.

very exciting…….here i go!  JUMP!




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27 05 2011

Good Luck on Saturday Stefan. Dan and I are running the 50km so we’ll be sure to cheer when we see you. By the way we tried your rice salad dish from the Canadian Running Trail magazine, loved it!

27 05 2011

vey cool……you guys know i follow your blog religiously. I dont think ive missed one. Very fun to read. 50 km….how sensible! bet i ll be jealous later! lol………………………….im not sure if youve trained there but the trails a complete disaster this year….a total mudbath. gaiters may be wise. Best of luck

28 05 2011
Donna Carrigan

Stef! following your updates on FB! rock on my friend!!! DC

30 05 2011

Thanks Donna…an attitude of gratitude got me through

30 05 2011

Thanks Donna…i thought of you during the run…i thought of Gatitude……………..

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