3000 km to Sulphur

20 06 2011

A little collage of the 6 mnths leading up until the 100 mile run at Sulphur Springs.    It seemed so long looking forward and now the blink of an eye looking back.    all kinds of weather throughout the winter and spring…..coldest running day was minus 28 C with windchill at minus 35C………………rain, snow, sleet, it was all there to toughen us up!

Sulphur fades into a memory and the training for the Canadian Death Race takes over.

Yesterday we ran Sulphur with some of the guys who helped us on our race.   Morten, vincent, Andrew, Neil, Patrick, Katherine, Jai and Yumi and i ran a loop yesterday in perfect weather conditions.  The trail was nice and dry.

we did a loop in 2 hours and 3 minutes.  just 4 minutes faster then the first loop i ran of my 8 loops during the race.

Morten and Vincent would have been suub 1 hour 40 if they knew the route as wed find them waiting at intersections asking the right way.  Amazing runners

I was a bit disappointed in my performance and can see that even after 3 weeks my body hasnt healed completely.  I found it alot of work to tackle the hills.  Going down was fine and i had lots of quad strength, but going up i just seemed to lack the inner strength.

Guess i ll have to work harder as going up is what i ll be doing in Grand Cache Alberta for death Race…..going up, up ,up!!!!!

Stay tuned




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30 06 2011
Anthony Rockwood

I can wait for Extreme chef to premiere tonight. It’s going to be great. I saw the trailer and it looks very interesting make sure you check it out tonight on NBC

1 07 2011

I guess i should have trademarked the name ive been using for 9 years

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