Back at it

21 10 2011

Its been a rough few monthes……….im not sure why or what exactly happened but just when i thought i was about to achieve some balance in my life the bottom fell out.     After the 100 mile run a new calmness fell over me and i was content.   My business simpily exploded and it became a bit unmanagable for a while……….my running sporadic and more for pleasure than for training as i allowed my body to heal from 3 years of steady monsterous mileage.

I consider today my first training day of my new goal for May.  Next May in Sulphur i not only plan to run the 50 mile but to compete in that race.    i have crafted a very detailed and well thought out plan on how to get there at a competitve level injury free……..i cant wait for the time to “Fall Back” to where it will be a bit more light in the morning as im tripping over roots and rocks now.

even in fall there is beauty in nature if you look.   The flowers above which only appear this time of year are a great example.

i wont be blogging as frequent but i will be running and posting progress occassionally.  I havent set an official goal for the 50 miler at Sulphur but i imagine i will need to aim for a sub 8 hour!  We will see,  I also want a fast Marathon on file before im too old to call anything fast….PR now is 3 hour 28 minutes……id like to nudge that closer to 3 Hour 10




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