HURT 100

23 12 2011


I wonder why im drawn to races with words like Death or Hurt or Bad in them?????  Since my 100 mile sulphur run and my failed attempt to drag my sore and sorry ass to Death Race july 2011, my training has been sketchy at best….doing enough to keep a bit of a base but dealing with injuries, and a sick work schedule have made it a rough fall.   I know im always harping that there is always enough time to work in a training run however, there actually wasnt for several weeks.    Since October ive had several 24 hour work days a few 30’s and dozens of 18’s     there was no time for a run in those.   It was my own doing taking my perfectly good consulting business and adding not one, not two but three new companies to my life in which i have varying degrees of ownership in shares……………ive been around long enough to realize that type of accelerated growth is dangerous in business but……..anyway,   Enough of that boring stuff.  

My wife told me we needed a vacation, and although i said i didnt have time somehow or other i landed in Hawaii on Sunday.   As soon as i got to the beach i slept for several hours and that night i was in bed by 830 and slept through until morning….balcony door open to the sound of the waves

Alot of people enjoy vacaions by sidling up to the bar or buffet, but for me vacation is a time where i can “detox” my system.  Get in all the runs and gym time i want without worry of a schedule.

Eating only Fish ( mostly RAW Hawaiian POKE style) and fresh fruit……no fried foods or empty carbs

Ive known about the HURT for sometime and had seen some pictures and heard about the infamous 25,800 feet of Elevation change over the 100 miles.   Also knowing a bit about vegetation i imagined the network of roots and volcanic rock, slippery mud and bamboo groves…..perfect for a trail run.

Today after a great breakfast of pancakes and pineapple, i drove to one of the Aid station markers at the top of one of the high points on a 20 mile loop.  Brand new trail shoes, my lucky Sulphur Springs t top, two hand held water bottles, and i was off and running.   Immediately i knew that this was going to be fun and that i may break an ankle or something if i wasnt extrtemely diligent and not day dreaming of racing the  course in record time.

It s exciting stuff for a Canadian boy to be running through a rain forest and hear all the strange Parrot noises, the eerie bamboos clanking in the wind……….One thing I know for certain is that with in those first few steps the stress of work was shedding off like a layer of skin from a snake.


I know I was running to fast for such a technical trail and being alone without appropriate gear but I was having so much fun.  Its been raining an unusual amount in Hawaii these past weeks/days so the trail was ankle deep mud over 40% of it…the rest was exposed roots, baseball size lava rocks, and fallen bamboo.


One thing about running technical single track trail is you need to look immediately at your feet, 3 steps ahead and 20 steps ahead all at once…make nano second decisions about where your foot will land…….my decision making seemed a bit slow as I jammed both toes and ankles into rocks and sharp sticks……barrelling down a section of dry creek bed I had a thought that the rocks were very slippery and I should…..too late, from one boulder dropping down onto another a meter below and trying to turn at the same time I was down!    Thank goodness for my well rounded Gluteus maximus ( fat ass) from all the unhealthy eating id been doing this fall as I landed squarely……stood up…checked things out……car keys still in hand held…nothing broken…..ok lets go.




I was smelling ginger (a favourite smell and taste of mine) when I realized I was running over the exposed roots of hundreds of wild ginger plants…..this gave me a smile as one item I always carry on ultra runs is ginger to calm an upset stomach….none of that required here…just tear up a hunk of root on the run and gnaw at it


I barrelled out of the woods at the Manoa falls surprising a group of Japanese tourists who had hiked in the 800 meters from the Nature Center…….once back in my hotel I realized why they looked so wary… face was full of mud like war paint and my legs had blood and mud all over…….wearing my death race skull cap and eyes blazing wide open I must have been quite a site…..quickly mumbling and confirming directions with their trail guide I was on my way up the mountain…..a much slower pace on the 1900 foot climb.


I only managed 10 miles of the 20 mile loop and im a beat up……I can only imagine running 10x that distance and through the night on the crazy technical path of roots and rocks and strange eerie noises………..Yup, gotta put that HURT 100 on the list…………first better get this carcass back into shape.


This is pre-training….training for Sulphur50 starts Jan 3rd, 2012


Now tomorrow……………the other half???   See how sore my butt is first…..






2 responses

23 12 2011
Troy Baglole

Great story Stef! Glad to hear you arw still doing some running in between crazy work days! A well deserved vacation I’m sure! Take care.

15 01 2012

Thanks buddy… per my whole life i struggle to find some semblance of balance

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