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This blog is a place for me to share some of experiances strengths and hopes about my training and all that goes with it


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23 02 2010

This site must be maintained on a regular basis to be of any value for recreation or training

20 03 2010

Today March 20 im at 87.2 kgs. 16% Body fat. Resting heart rate is 44 bpm. Max heart rate is 196 Bpm. Marathon pace is 3 hours 30. 10 km max pace is 48 minutes. Mile max pace is 5 minutes 30 secounds. im 137 days left of training for Death race. I have a Marathon in Halifax in may. I have 1600 km of training left for the death race. My wieght at the Death Race will be 85kg, and my body fat will be at 12%. I will run the Death Race at a pace of 6 minutes 15 secounds per km. x 126 km non stop

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