Back at it

21 10 2011

Its been a rough few monthes……….im not sure why or what exactly happened but just when i thought i was about to achieve some balance in my life the bottom fell out.     After the 100 mile run a new calmness fell over me and i was content.   My business simpily exploded and it became a bit unmanagable for a while……….my running sporadic and more for pleasure than for training as i allowed my body to heal from 3 years of steady monsterous mileage.

I consider today my first training day of my new goal for May.  Next May in Sulphur i not only plan to run the 50 mile but to compete in that race.    i have crafted a very detailed and well thought out plan on how to get there at a competitve level injury free……..i cant wait for the time to “Fall Back” to where it will be a bit more light in the morning as im tripping over roots and rocks now.

even in fall there is beauty in nature if you look.   The flowers above which only appear this time of year are a great example.

i wont be blogging as frequent but i will be running and posting progress occassionally.  I havent set an official goal for the 50 miler at Sulphur but i imagine i will need to aim for a sub 8 hour!  We will see,  I also want a fast Marathon on file before im too old to call anything fast….PR now is 3 hour 28 minutes……id like to nudge that closer to 3 Hour 10


3000 km to Sulphur

20 06 2011

A little collage of the 6 mnths leading up until the 100 mile run at Sulphur Springs.    It seemed so long looking forward and now the blink of an eye looking back.    all kinds of weather throughout the winter and spring…..coldest running day was minus 28 C with windchill at minus 35C………………rain, snow, sleet, it was all there to toughen us up!

Sulphur fades into a memory and the training for the Canadian Death Race takes over.

Yesterday we ran Sulphur with some of the guys who helped us on our race.   Morten, vincent, Andrew, Neil, Patrick, Katherine, Jai and Yumi and i ran a loop yesterday in perfect weather conditions.  The trail was nice and dry.

we did a loop in 2 hours and 3 minutes.  just 4 minutes faster then the first loop i ran of my 8 loops during the race.

Morten and Vincent would have been suub 1 hour 40 if they knew the route as wed find them waiting at intersections asking the right way.  Amazing runners

I was a bit disappointed in my performance and can see that even after 3 weeks my body hasnt healed completely.  I found it alot of work to tackle the hills.  Going down was fine and i had lots of quad strength, but going up i just seemed to lack the inner strength.

Guess i ll have to work harder as going up is what i ll be doing in Grand Cache Alberta for death Race…..going up, up ,up!!!!!

Stay tuned

7 weeks out DEATH RACE

18 06 2011

So after a couple weeks of recovery and alot of thought, i have decided to proceed with the original goal of running the Canadian death Race in late july.   I went back into regular training this week but with only 82 km of running.

My sister Ava has agreed ( insisted) in coming to crew for me.   We arent going out to socialize or party.  Im going out there to run this thing as hard as i can possibly run it without permanent bodily harm………

Here is the up coming weeks schedule

Sunday              run sulphur springs trail with the boys  FAST     21km

Monday             Off

Tuesday           AM  run 6 km fast( LT) on tredmill, core 30 min, swim 500 meters

                              PM   run/walk 15 hill repeats for 14 km total  slow

Wed                 Steady Run for 24 km, hilly route

thursday            AM  run 6 km fast( LT) on tredmill, core 30 min, swim 500 meters

                               PM   run 1o km Steady Run

friday              Off OR Gym for Core and Bike, hike 11km in evening

saturday           40 km Long Slow Distance

Total                   121 km

Sunday              50 km Long Slower distance with hiking breaks in between every 4 km or so

T minus 36 hours

27 05 2011


So this is it.   Myself and Probir and Morten and PK had a nice night run on tuesday night to check out equipment etc.   It was difficult to keep the pace down and the mileage down to 10 km……it made me hungry for more.

Its been raining soooooo much recently.  the trail at Sulphur will be a….should make it fun …for a while…im sure mud in shoes and wet feet wears on you after 20 hours!?

My foot is “healed” meaning it doesnt hurt at all, but we’ll see how it likes to run for 100 miles.  Finally 17 days later my sinus infection is cleared!

Im in great shape…not quite as ripped as last summer but leaner and lighter………………..84 kg.

So no excuses ( except the weather lol) hear we go.  I am pumped and positive.   Im really looking forward to spending some alone time as well and not to be working! or in an airport!

I may blog once more about packing but not sure.  still work to do,  In bed at 9 tonight as tomorrow night will be difficult to sleep with the adrenalin starting to flow.

very exciting…….here i go!  JUMP!

1 week out

21 05 2011

So this is it.   I had great support from friends like Verity, Laura, Scott, michael, etc who all told me the same thing…” trained, so now rest and heal the foot!”     thank you thankyou for the advice.  it is so hard to stop after monthes of training.  This week i got a tonne of rest and my foot was healed as of today.

Diana, PK, and I went out to Sulphur today.  Glorious weather…unbelievable.   I knew it would be muddy, but i had no idea.   It was a mud bath!  If it rains anymore this week and 1000 people herd down that trail it will be quite something!!!!!  Better bring a firehose to washup.

It was so beautiful in the forest today and all the smells of summer!  Man. could have run for hours but i guess thats next week.

So im in great spirits today.  Im not “cocky” as i am clear on the magnitude of the pending task, but i feel very confident now.  Im actually looking forward to this “trial of miles”……………………so i may be back on here once before race day, but on next Saturday i will start to try and post live from a remote!

this week, im running not much…..

Sun          15

Mon  core

tuesday     12, and bike 12

Wed       Swim, core

Thursday    8 and swim

friday  3 km

Saturday    Race day   162 km!     lol….seems funny to even type it!

Now its BBQ time!  gotta get those calories in!!!!………….going to burn 18000 next saturday!!!!

2 weeks out…..letter from the coach

16 05 2011
Dear Stefan:
Your fitness is at peak levels.  The concern now is to keep it there as your body gets the rest it needs during a taper that cuts mileage sharply in the final two weeks leading up to the Sulphur Springs race.  The fact is, if a cut in mileage was the only thing involved in your taper, your body would simply go on vacation and your race performance would suffer.  That’s why the basics of an optimal taper call for not only reduced volume but also careful monitoring of pace and a continuation of the five-times-a-week frequency of your training runs.
Your mileage will drop by approximately 40% in each of the next two weeks, but every meter of that mileage (except for an easy 3K on the day before the race) should be run at what’s called a “comfortably hard” pace — i.e., a “5” on a perceived exertion scale of 1 to 10. 
This kind of pace should be faster than the per-kilometre pace you’re projecting for yourself on Race Day, but it should not be so fast as to elevate your average heart rate for an entire run to more than 75% of maximum.  Here’s the schedule:
15th — Sunday — 40K Steady Run (1)
16th — Monday — Rest Day
17th — Tuesday — 12K Steady Run
18th — Wednesday — 15K Steady Run
19th — Thursday — Rest Day
20th — Friday — 18K Steady Run
21st — Saturday — 24K Steady Run
Wkly. Mileage —  109K
22nd — Sunday — 24K Steady Run
23rd — Monday — Rest Day
24th — Tuesday — 20K Steady Run
25th — Wednesday — 10K Steady Run
26th — Thursday — Rest Day
27th — Friday — 3K Easy Run (2)
Wkly. Mileage — 57K
28th — Saturday — Race Day

2 Weeks out………….taper time

14 05 2011

Nice to see this little Baltimore Oriole on the path today, as well as 3 deer.   Imagine, Toronto is the 5th biggest city in NA and there is so much wildlife.  The trail was covered in small land snails which I try to avoid but its impossible as there are thousands.   I saw a big fat porcupine sleeping in a tree!  Beautiful time of year.

So two weeks from today i will have hopefully run 50 miles at this time…..with 50 more to go!!

I have to say that i hit some serious lows in my training this time.   the last several weeks have been rough to say the least.  The all time low was last week in Belgium where i was working huge hours, and did the biggest training week of my life with 201km completed………….alone…………..

Many people tell me about how busy their job is and i smile.   Ever work in the food service industry?  I mean really work in it?  Crazy is the only way to describe it.  Sometimes brutal marathon shifts of 16 to 18 hours on your feet.  I don’t mean wandering around with a coffee in one hand…………….or taking a break when you want.  I mean going as hard as you can for as long as you can with sometimes no chance to even use the washroom for several hours…………..brutal by times……………………so i got a bit down.  i was exhausted both mentally and physically…………….the upcoming task of running 100 miles seemed daunting.

I arrived home with a sinus infection which progressed to the point of a major lung infection bordering on pneumonia.    Finally i went on antibiotics.  the doctor said ” after 2 to 3 days of these and a lot of bed rest you will be fine”   guess running 150 km while sick and on antibiotics wasnt what he had in mind as im still a bit sick today a week


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